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Stress Free Property management made easy

Timeline Properties, we understand that your time and energy are too valuable to be spent on anything other than Your primary business activities. That is why we have designed our services in a way that eliminates the burdens of Management, while keeping you fully apprised of the status of your investment.

Our approach is two steps.
1. The first step is to educate with clear and concise information.
2. The second step is connecting you with an advisor. With their professional guidance you gain access to an in creditability.

Unified: In our resolve to deliver innovative solutions where every individual's needs are best met.
Professional: In the way we conduct ourselves and in the counsel we give.
Ethical: In ensuring our customer interests are managed with utmost integrity.
Fair: In how we strive to provide favorable outcomes to both our customer.
Open & Honest: In all that we do to build an environment of trust and transparency.
Proactive: In the steps we take to give our people the skills and knowledge to provide sound solutions at all times.

Integrity | Customer Centric | Joy and Simplicity | Team work

Legal Services

When you´re not here to take care of your properties we have you covered! Here at Timeline Property Management we are cultivated on ANAND taxation laws, ANAND regulation laws, and ANAND regulation laws for foreigners. Our team is dedicated to researching and discovering the positive & negative factors that may affect your investment. We are partnered with reputable agents who will guide you through your entire buying process. We are dedicated to following these laws while managing your property and want to take the stress of managing the property off your hands. And lets not forgot our team home inspectors, lawyers, and accountants to assist you with finalizing and closing your purchase. Call us today; we look forward to speaking with you.

Property Management

TL Property Management is a company that was designed specifically to assist Indians, just like you, to easier manage and organize Your properties across your limit. An investment, such as a Property, is a very major asset. Finding the right person to trust this Funding with can be very puzzling and frightening. Good news, you have to look no further. Here at TLP we hold a strong passion For handling property management with ease and ordinance.
Why choose us? To start off with, the founder of our company has expertise and skillfulness in the real estate and Property management industry. We have representatives located conveniently in city to keep you updated on the status of your Properties, As a bonus to all these updates, we also send out E-flyers day to day to keep every client on the same page as us. TL Property Management- stress free service,
For Indian & NRI Clients
We Have Reputable Agents who work with us to research property developments to help guide you in making a rewarding investment decision

Property Management

If you are looking to buy a new Property or want to invest in property, TLP has the knowledge and personal service of a local with the prestige and reach of an Good name. As such it's no wonder that 95% of our customers would use us again, or recommend us to others.
With thousands of properties for sale, we are the estate management of choice for those wishing to Investment in Property or Buy a new home. From luxury houses and properties, we have properties available to meet all requirements.
Whether you're looking to move from other to the Country, make a property investment, Advise, or buy a second & Fresh home then we can help you.
Property finance solutions, Insurance advice, Professional valuations, Interior solutions, Private convincing, Legal Service.